Let’s talk Shabby Chic !

Shabby chic is one of my favourite interior styles. I love how it uses various pastel hues and earth tones together with a peaceful white to create a soft, welcoming and relaxing aura.

The furniture and accessories are chosen for their visible sign of aging adding a vintage touch. I love that about this style because the items appear to have sentimental value because of their washed out effect.  Recycling/Upcycling is key to this look. The vintage feel along with the fresh pastel colours makes it very ‘pop-victorian.’


                             Aged recycled suitcase used a a coffee table. (via pintrest)


Floral patterns tend to be common in a shabby chic styled room.


         Pastel Pink

This style is commonly used in bedrooms or living rooms but kitchens have seen a dramatic increase in shabby chic makeovers.


Pastel Blue Kitchen Unit


                          A pale but fresh green. (via pintrest)

This style is said to have orginated here in Great Britain in the 1980s, taking inspiration from large country houses. The intention was elegance. Original shabby chic furniture were considered works of art. With the booming home decor market there is now, people have stopped waiting for their furniture to age and actually create the distressed, worn out look themselves. One method is painting many layers on to, for example a wardrobe and then sanding it down to achieve the shabby look. 

Other styles which may come under the shabby chic category are:

  • Cottage chic
  • Gustavian
  • French Country

Who else love Shabby Chic ?! 

Mary x 

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Recreate: Pink and White Chic Bedroom

R E C R E A T E this modern chic look !


Here is a suggestion of where you can get similar items:


1. Decorative Floral Motif Wall Art Vinyl Stickers – Amazon – £14.99

2. Seetall Preston Headboard White Faux Leather Double – Tesco,Direct – £65

3. Venice Bedside 3 Drawer White – Wilkinson Home – £90

4. Dillon 1 Light White Table Lamp – http://www.oceanlighting.co.uk – £65

5. Velvet cushion cover – H&M Home- £4.99

6. Blue cotton cushion – Wilkinson Home – £4.99

7. Art Deco Design Photo Frame – Marks & Spencer -£12.50

8. Candle Holder – http://www.brolliesgalore.co.uk – £1.99

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Recreate: Gold and Navy Blue Beauty

Do you want to know how you could recreate this beautiful look ..


I love when grey is mixed with a bold colour and then to top it off with gold made me love it even more. If you are as inspired I am by this look, here is one way one way you can style your bedroom like it..

recreate 2

1) Safavieh Lamar Upholstered Headboard: $216.16 at Wayfair.com OR $218.45 at Amazon.com

2) Kathy Ireland Gold Rodeo Drive Table Lamp: $158.91 at Lapmplus.com

3) Luxury Macy Duvet Cover Set: £29.97 at chicathome.co.uk

4) Shabby Chic French Style Chest of Drawers – Nantes Grey: £135 at Candlelight.co.uk

Much Love


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The Psychology of Colour



I am a huge fan of colour. I love colour combos that aren’t usually conventional but compliment each other perfectly.(Hmmm, I feel another blog post coming soon about unconventional colour combinations…watch this space lol)

But lets talk about each color and their associations.



Bright and chirpy. Great for a kitchen on those slow Monday morning.




I personally wouldn’t paint a room red, it is such a striking colour which can be good but i think it can be quite overpowering. It may be better an an accent wall or a great colour for the accessories to compliment the other main colour.

Red is representative of; passion, love, boldness, warmth and energy



As typical as it is, this is my favourite color, especially a pastel pink! It gives off a vintage / shabby chic aura which i find incredibly cute. It is a very calming color and can look great in a nursery or an adults room or even a living room.


On the other hand there’s hot pink, which is like red with its striking character.


Pink is not a very universal colour, it’s so…. girly! Passion and glamour springs to mind when I think of hot pink.


I quite like blue, my room is currently an ocean blue. It’s a calming and soothing color, it is also said to be quite unwelcoming and cold but i’ve never received that aura. Typically a colour used in bathrooms or boys bedrooms but I adore how it has been used in the image below.




Green is such a fresh colour, I tend to associate new life with it. It can become sickly if overused but when used well it is a breath of fresh air!





Orange is a warm, energetic color. It reminds me of autumn when we all want to be at home all snuggled up and cosy. 




The colour of purity. Makes a room feel clean. Beware, you will actually have to keep it clean, no hiding here! White also makes a room appear bigger.



A very sharp color which I’d say is perfect for accessories or furniture. Anything else looks a bit goth like, unless that is what your aim is..




A very rich color, quite feminine and can be associated with royalty. Radiant Orchid is this years Pantone colour of the year.



Let me leave you with this …




LOL – True or not ?


Thanks for visiting xx

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Recreate: Grey &Yellow

Good Morning beautiful people!! Hope you are having a great day so far.


So I have decided to start a new weekly series called ‘Recreate’. This is because on the facebook page I post a lot of images I find online of different rooms that inspire people to restyle, and I have had a few people asking where they can get certain items. So as a result this series will show you how to recreate a room. Now it won’t necessarily be exactly the same, because it is not always possible to find the exact items used in images but it will be similar. 

Here is the first one! 


                   Grey & Yellow: Source is Unknown.

Grey is one of my favourite colours to combine with bright colours. This is beautiful. Who said decor needs to be complicated? 

Here is how you can recreate ….


1.John Lewis – scion lace cushion – £25
2.John Lewis – line & dot cushion – £25
3.Argos – habitat scratch vase – £10
4.Wilko single tem pom pom flower – 3 for £3
5.Ikea – two seat sofa – £495
6.Ikea – basic coffee table, oak effect – £16
I hope you enjoy 🙂
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