About Us



Planning how you want your home to look is a great investment and not just a cost. You are there every day and you should be able to admire it.

“A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.” — H. L. Mencken

Here at Cocoon Home Decor, we offer home interior design and personal shopping  services to help you transform your home into one that truly carries the very essence of your family.

If you have any enquiries please email – m.k.yusuf@hotmail.co.uk

Being intentional about the design of your home is the key and we can help you do that.

Mary xo 


4 Responses to About Us

  1. I love your blog and I wanted to nominate it for the Liebster Award! It’s a great way to connect with other growing (and awesome) blogs and it’s a really great concept! Head on over here for details: LIEBSTER AWARD ON SURROUNDED BY PRETTY and have a perfecto day 🙂

    Surrounded by Pretty

  2. Aww thanks so much! Will definitely check that out!

  3. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog post “Mood Board Mondays!”

  4. Hey! Thanks for following – love your style!

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