Cocoon Home Decor Online Shop OPENS !

Wow, it has been a long time since my last blog post! Apologies for the silence but it has all been for a good cause.  🙂

I have been working hard on prints inspired by Bible verses and the online store where they will be available for purchase,  which by the way, is now LIVE!

At you will find a collection of vibrant Scripture Canvases that can be displayed anywhere in your home. Scripture Canvases are great for the bedroom, living room, hallway, church or office. They also make the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or housewarming. A unique, thoughtful touch, that friends and family will forever remember.

While at University, I used to write out scriptures and scriptural phrases onto pieces of A5 paper and stick them around my uni room, particularly during stressful exam periods. This transformed my relation to the Word of God, challenging me daily to depend heavily on the word of God. Every time I saw these scriptures / phrases, the opportunity arose to confess and pray those words into my life until it became a reality. I want this same reality for everyone but my passion for home decor and interior styling would not allow me to continue using pieces of paper!me

In 2014 scripture canvases were born and what you see here came from an obsession for home decor together with a burden to etch the word of God into people’s hearts.

I am so excited and sometime can’t even believe that I am doing this. The response so far has been awesome and I am praying that each and every home that these canvases go to will be blessed!

Make sure you check it out 

Also join us on Instagram: @maryatcocoon where you get to see a lot more behind the scene stuff !

We are currently hosting a giveaway  :  Get Involved !


Mary xo 


About maryfunbi

* 24 * Law Graduate * Loves the Lord * Passion for interior design & home décor
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