Let’s talk Shabby Chic !

Shabby chic is one of my favourite interior styles. I love how it uses various pastel hues and earth tones together with a peaceful white to create a soft, welcoming and relaxing aura.

The furniture and accessories are chosen for their visible sign of aging adding a vintage touch. I love that about this style because the items appear to have sentimental value because of their washed out effect.  Recycling/Upcycling is key to this look. The vintage feel along with the fresh pastel colours makes it very ‘pop-victorian.’


                             Aged recycled suitcase used a a coffee table. (via pintrest)


Floral patterns tend to be common in a shabby chic styled room.


         Pastel Pink

This style is commonly used in bedrooms or living rooms but kitchens have seen a dramatic increase in shabby chic makeovers.


Pastel Blue Kitchen Unit


                          A pale but fresh green. (via pintrest)

This style is said to have orginated here in Great Britain in the 1980s, taking inspiration from large country houses. The intention was elegance. Original shabby chic furniture were considered works of art. With the booming home decor market there is now, people have stopped waiting for their furniture to age and actually create the distressed, worn out look themselves. One method is painting many layers on to, for example a wardrobe and then sanding it down to achieve the shabby look. 

Other styles which may come under the shabby chic category are:

  • Cottage chic
  • Gustavian
  • French Country

Who else love Shabby Chic ?! 

Mary x 


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* 24 * Law Graduate * Loves the Lord * Passion for interior design & home décor
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