The Psychology of Colour



I am a huge fan of colour. I love colour combos that aren’t usually conventional but compliment each other perfectly.(Hmmm, I feel another blog post coming soon about unconventional colour combinations…watch this space lol)

But lets talk about each color and their associations.



Bright and chirpy. Great for a kitchen on those slow Monday morning.




I personally wouldn’t paint a room red, it is such a striking colour which can be good but i think it can be quite overpowering. It may be better an an accent wall or a great colour for the accessories to compliment the other main colour.

Red is representative of; passion, love, boldness, warmth and energy



As typical as it is, this is my favourite color, especially a pastel pink! It gives off a vintage / shabby chic aura which i find incredibly cute. It is a very calming color and can look great in a nursery or an adults room or even a living room.


On the other hand there’s hot pink, which is like red with its striking character.


Pink is not a very universal colour, it’s so…. girly! Passion and glamour springs to mind when I think of hot pink.


I quite like blue, my room is currently an ocean blue. It’s a calming and soothing color, it is also said to be quite unwelcoming and cold but i’ve never received that aura. Typically a colour used in bathrooms or boys bedrooms but I adore how it has been used in the image below.




Green is such a fresh colour, I tend to associate new life with it. It can become sickly if overused but when used well it is a breath of fresh air!





Orange is a warm, energetic color. It reminds me of autumn when we all want to be at home all snuggled up and cosy. 




The colour of purity. Makes a room feel clean. Beware, you will actually have to keep it clean, no hiding here! White also makes a room appear bigger.



A very sharp color which I’d say is perfect for accessories or furniture. Anything else looks a bit goth like, unless that is what your aim is..




A very rich color, quite feminine and can be associated with royalty. Radiant Orchid is this years Pantone colour of the year.



Let me leave you with this …




LOL – True or not ?


Thanks for visiting xx


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