The Ins and Outs of Interior Design in 2014 According To Arhinarmah

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2013 has gone by so quickly, as cliché as that sounds. I honestly don’t know where this year has disappeared to.

This week I sat down with a nice, warm cup of tea whilst getting my nose into a range of homeware and interior design magazines of the past year. Looking over current trends is a great way to see how certain styles have evolved, and see what this means for interior design in 2014. Arhinarmah is dedicated to staying on trend with our classic statement pieces, without losing touch with our African-inspired roots. You can make sure you stay on trend with a little help from Arhinarmah, so here is a cheeky heads up on what to look out for in 2014.

1. Patterns- If anyone can do patterns, then Arhinarmah is the one. Patterns are what we do best.  There is a shift from floral and bird prints…

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