I never thought ‘Chalk boards’ would be a home décor topic !!

If you are old enough you might remember chalk boards at school. I remember them vaguely from my Primary School days.


As things became more technology based with the white boards, my view on chalk boards were that they were so, so old fashioned and tacky!

But chalk actually has some very beneficial properties that has caused it to become very popular in the world of home décor. Perhaps I am the only one who is new to this, but there is such a thing called ‘Chalk/Black Board Paint’ !


So how on earth is it beneficial I hear you ask…


**Image from BuzzFeed.com**

  • You can get it in different colours, which is called chalk paint (designed by Annie Sloan) rather than chalk board paint. Since it can be bought in colour, it becomes less of a functional tool as seen in the link above and more for an ornamental purpose like painting furniture.


Found these on www.dovetailsvintage.co.uk for £18.95.

*Images taken from Dovetail Vintage’s website*

  • It has this matte, velvet-like finish which is just so beautiful, in my opinion.
  • There is usually no need to sand or prime the surface you are about to paint because chalk board paint is quite thick, so application isn’t difficult. Therefore, it’s perfect for revamping old furniture (or your wall) so you can get rid of the old colour without slapping on the layers and it can cover up those scratches.
  • Dries quite quickly.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • You can make it yourself !!!

How to make chalk paint:

You will need:

  • 2 Tablespoons of Water
  • 2 Cups Paint (Nothing glossier than an eggshell finish.)
  • 1/3 Cup Plaster of Paris

Instructions = MIX ! You might want to do it in parts so that it does not get lumpy and difficult to mix into smooth texture. 

Yes it’s that easy. (Apparently lol)

I am going to be trying it this week! I shall keep you posted…

Is anybody already very familiar with chalk paint? What you used it for ?

Thanks for visiting!




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2 Responses to I never thought ‘Chalk boards’ would be a home décor topic !!

  1. HomeforNow says:

    I’m totally loving chalk paint. So far I’ve used it on furniture and I painted some wine bottles. Love the stuff!

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