Cocoon’s Weekly Pick: Arhinarmah – Cut from a different cloth..

Hello Everyone!! 

I’ve been away for a little bit but I’m back now with a weekly pick appropriate for the celebration of Black History Month! 

I bring you the wonderfully-crafted, vibrant, African inspired products from Arhinarmah!


Arhinarmah is a London based luxury lifestyle brand specialising in the production of homeware, home decor and soft furnishing with an African influence. 




I had a chance to ask the owner, Catherine, a few questions and she was so kind to give me some answers…

1. How long have you been in the home décor business and how did it all start?

Arhinarmah has been up and running officially since December 2012 although work actually started on the brand about 12 months before that. I spent about 7 – 8 months researching the market and our unique proposition before actually launching the business.

It all started from my bedroom – a single mother with a strong work ethic, a great role model (my grandfather) and a steely determination to elevate Africa to a whole new level in relation to the usability of African influenced textiles in the home.


2. What are your top 3 sources of inspiration when designing your products?

The classics in every sense of the word.

The classics. I’m not a fan of pre-packaged flat pack furniture or modern fabrics and and synthetics. I continuously revert back to the old school and the traditional methods they used to create timeless pieces, both in a fashion, music and manufacturing.

Ghana and my grandfather will always play a huge part in Arhinarmah’s offering. I continuously revert back to him and what he would have approved of (if he had been alive) in my work. I’m constantly thinking of ways to fuse images I remember from his home in Accra with colours and shapes that pique my attention in the present day.

Great interior design houses such as Verasce Home, Missoni and the more recent success of London based lifestyle brand House of Hackney. Brands that started out as one thing and now transcend homeware and a variety of other mediums to create a whole lifestyle or movement.

3. What are your top 3 favourite UK home décor businesses?

House of Hackney

Ian Sanderson

I’m also totally in love with peices by Timothy Cockerill at the moment

4. Do you have a store ? If not, any plans to ?

We’re currently stocked online at:

Arhinarmah’s are available to buy at the Soboye Boutique, 13 Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, London E2





I am in love with African inspired home décor, it’s so unique and brings warmth and vibrancy to any room. Make sure you check them out! 

**All images are courtesy of and are a direct link to the website**

Mary xo


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