How to jazz up your student accommodation

It is that time of the year again, back to school, college and university. If you are going to a University quite far from home it is likely that you will rent private accommodation or if you are a first year then you will be allocated to student halls. I never had the experience of living in student halls as I went straight into private accommodation, which I am quite glad about to be honest because they usually have ugly curtains and boring colours on the wall and are so small! To get placed in a nice student hall usually costs a fortune and for majority of students you will have no student finance left! I guess the good thing about living in halls is meeting other first years but in terms how it will look, thumbs down! But fear not, weather it is a house share in private accommodation or in halls, there is always things you can do to jazz it up.

1. Sleep like a prince or princess.

A bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Get some beautiful duvet & pillow covers, cushions and throws! This can make a huge difference to your room. I remember visiting a friend in uni halls, and she had loooads of cushions and it looked amazing but I thought how on earth she sleeps with so much pillows. Her response: “I chuck ‘em all on the floor, it’s only to make this place look somewhat pretty!!’ LOLImage

*These images were taken from wilkinson plus*

2. Get rid of those granny curtains!

If you haven’t got blinds then you should be able to change your curtains without causing any damage. Just make sure you take them with you when you leave and put back the curtains that came with the room.

If you have paint work that you think is boring on the walls such as, grey, cream or white you could help add some life to the room by complimenting those ‘boring’ colours. For example if I had grey walls, I would probably get grey and yellow curtains to make the wall colour look like it was done intentionally! This is just one suggestion, there are so many other variations.

3. Your workstation

In other words, your desk! Face it you are going to spend sleepless nights here, you had better purchase that table lamp to keep you awake! Get some interesting stationary too.


*The pictures were taken from wilkinson, whsmith and google*

4. Get sentimental

Since the accommodation is rented you are more than likely not allowed to drill holes in the wall. So the next best thing is some good old blue tack. Print out some photos of you, your friends and family and get tacking! While at university you are likely to be away from loved ones a lot so having pictures around will be nice. Instead of blue tack you can use photo frames to add to the décor, place them on your window, dressing table, desk etc.

5. Get ornamental

This could be vases, statues, bowls, flowers, lamp, clock etc. They can be put on your window, desk, side table etc. It just adds some character!


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