6 things to think about when redecorating …

Most people haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to revamping their home or decorating a new home. This results in a house with clashing furniture and out of place accessories.

You should remember, your home should be a place of comfort, a place that makes you happy, a place that reflects you!

The key to creating a beautiful home is planning. Here is a guide to planning a beautiful home.


Ask yourself what theme/style are you going for to avoid looking. There are so many to pick from!


-Shabby chic



(I will be doing a more detailed post on just styles soon; so keep an eye out.)

Having a style helps your home to look well thought out and avoids having decor that clashes. You don’t need to have one style throughout your whole house, you can have different styles in different rooms!

Your chosen theme will indicate what type of colours you should use, for example shabby chic tends to be pastel colours. Therefore, the next thing to think about which colours you will actually use.


Colour is extremely important because it sets the tone for the room. It can be a mixture of colours that go together or you might just pick 2 or 3 colours. It is all up to you.  Where you use certain colours can give off different atmospheres. .


Again your chosen style is likely to lead you to the right style of furniture. Therefore, I would suggest something strong and solid to make sure its durable. However, this is likely to reflect in the price but it may be helpful to remember that furniture is quite a big part of your home so can be said to be an investment.

Try and be creative. Try different shapes to what is the norm or something that has some personality; allow your personal style to be reflected.

Also, test your furniture before you buy! Remember, a home is a place of comfort so make sure it is comfortable!


This is my personal favourite part of home decor! I think they add so much character to a room. This can include picture frames, ornaments, candles, flowers etc. There are soooo many stores that do these now, even your everyday stores such as Primark, Teso, Asda etc!


Everytime I walk into a room with plants it makes me think :’life!’ It can really awaken a room.  They need not be real as it is understandable that watering them regularly is something that can easily be forgotten. Fake plants will do! However, do not over-do it! Unless you are trying to re-create a Kew-Garden style room ? (lol)


I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover BUT most people do!! 1st impressions always count!

Flowers always are a great start, they are colourful and therefore welcoming which is important for the front door.

Most people have a door mat, but it is usually really old and dirty. Try and get a unique one that makes your guest laugh or smile!

Door number. I thought everybody had a door number on there door until I realised that even I didn’t ! Defo need to purchase one!

I will be uploading some pictures of parts of my home soon; stay tuned 🙂




About maryfunbi

* 24 * Law Graduate * Loves the Lord * Passion for interior design & home décor
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