Cocoon Home Decor Online Shop OPENS !

Wow, it has been a long time since my last blog post! Apologies for the silence but it has all been for a good cause.  🙂

I have been working hard on prints inspired by Bible verses and the online store where they will be available for purchase,  which by the way, is now LIVE!

At you will find a collection of vibrant Scripture Canvases that can be displayed anywhere in your home. Scripture Canvases are great for the bedroom, living room, hallway, church or office. They also make the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or housewarming. A unique, thoughtful touch, that friends and family will forever remember.

While at University, I used to write out scriptures and scriptural phrases onto pieces of A5 paper and stick them around my uni room, particularly during stressful exam periods. This transformed my relation to the Word of God, challenging me daily to depend heavily on the word of God. Every time I saw these scriptures / phrases, the opportunity arose to confess and pray those words into my life until it became a reality. I want this same reality for everyone but my passion for home decor and interior styling would not allow me to continue using pieces of paper!me

In 2014 scripture canvases were born and what you see here came from an obsession for home decor together with a burden to etch the word of God into people’s hearts.

I am so excited and sometime can’t even believe that I am doing this. The response so far has been awesome and I am praying that each and every home that these canvases go to will be blessed!

Make sure you check it out 

Also join us on Instagram: @maryatcocoon where you get to see a lot more behind the scene stuff !

We are currently hosting a giveaway  :  Get Involved !


Mary xo 

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3 easy tips to make work space YOUR space. .

This post is brought to you in association with a company called WeWork, a platform for creators. If you’re interested in learning more about WeWork and their various locations around the world check them out here.

They would like to know what we would do to achieve the perfect work space..

images (2)

A lot of us spend a lot time working and I would much prefer to work in a space that reflected my personal style and has items that I love. It is said that how your work space is set up can affect your mindset and therefore your productivity.  Whether you work in a company or are fortunate enough to have your own home office, here are some tips to help you personalise your workspace..

pretty office

1. Clear  the clutter!

Paper, folders, files… sort them! When I was at Uni I used to like having lots of paper around me, it made me believe I was getting a lot done, when I actually wasn’t. I soon realised that it actually stressed me out and that when my environment was clear, I felt a lot more organised and in control of my space.

surrounded by books (1)

Storage is a great method to clear the clutter decorate at the same time. If done well it gives off that minimalist, clean type of look topped off with you personal style. If you are anything like me, you will love bright, old colours and patters. Check out this selection of office storage that would make my dream office..


Found on Etsy.

Pen Storage: found on Etsy.




2. What motivates you to work hard? 

It might be your faith, your family…. Whatever it is, get it into your office!

Personally, my faith motivates me so when I get my own home office, I would love to have a wall vinyl or a framed image of a quote from the Bible.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart." Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.”
Colossians 3:23

Family is another great motivator; frame your most treasured image and pop it on your desk.

pic          DAD 037

3.  Accessorise! 

You can do this with frame as in the point above. Or you can add some ornaments, a calender, a vase, flowers / plant, a lamp…



images (3)


What do you do to style your work space? Leave a comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading.
Mary xo 

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Hi everyone,

As it was my birthday last weekend, I am feeling kinda generous 🙂

Take part in this simple giveaway:


Good luck.

Thank you !! Xx

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7 must have patterns for your home!


It looks like bold patterns are in right now and I am loving it! You can use patterns in so many different items. It can be on a rug, wallpaper, lampshade, wall art, cushions etc.

TIP – If you have used a pattern in one room, try not to use it again in another room. You don’t want to look like you are trying to hard !

Have a look at some of the patterns that have caught my eye recently.


Plaid AKA Tartan

The Scottish pattern is proving very popular. I personally love it on bed spreads and cushions. It’s a cosy pattern, very homely. Probably used most during the winter/Christmas period, especially in its traditional green and red version.



Definitely a trend that is here to stay. I love it because I am of African heritage and it screams culture!


Faux Bois

This is a pattern that imitates wood. I love it because of it reminds me of nature and is paired well with earth tones. If you use this pattern, consider using rustic accessories to complete the look.


Ikat patterns

This pattern is as a result of a dyeing technique  that employs a resist dyeing process. It is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration.



The next three are preppy in style and really compliment the summer season. Best used for accent pieces.

Greek key



Chevron (Everyone on Etsy seems to be selling a chevron print accessory these days !)





qua pattern


Thanks for visiting xx

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Ideal Home Show 2014 !!

So for the past two weeks the Ideal Home Show (now in its 106th year) has been in London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre. For those who might not know about it, it’s a huge exhibition of show homes, home accessories and a range of other products designed to aid home design and improvement.  There were really amazing companies there dedicated to helping you transform any house.

Here are a few snaps ….



                                                    Don’t you just love a huge floral print !



                                      Certainly the biggest lampshade I have ever seen!




                                      The stencils wrapped around these lamps are hand made !



                                                                   Loving this shower unit.



                                                                     Mirror Mirror on the wall!


Couldn’t help but throw in a mirror selfie


                                                                                    Wall art


                                                    Alphabet Photography – WELCOME

























                                                                         Artificial Fire

Unfortunately, my battery went dead !! There was so much more great things to show you. 

I would totally recommend you go next year!


Thanks for visiting xo



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